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Baby Wisp® has officially launched its new baby headband Collection in Canada

Wholesalers in Canada can now place their orders with KidCentral Supply!

Infant headbands are those type of baby hair accessories that require careful thought in terms of sizing for baby heads, softness for their delicate skin and style and colours that match current modern baby fashion and kids fashion trends.  We’ve done it!   Just launched our new collection in the wholesale network serviced by KidCentral Supply and so the Baby Wisp ® retailers will soon be stocking their shelves up with these great new styles, patterns and headbands.  Share any pictures you see with #babywisp….we LOVE seeing how retailers display our products.

Some other news as we celebrate the latest fall collection (it has already pre-sold from east to west coast!)  is noting that our partnership with the Children’s product distributor KidCentral Supply has now completed SIX years together.  The biggest reason I feel that we continue to work so well with each other is the VP there.  She’s amazing.  She gives me feedback with her ear to the ground on the trends I need to focus on and helping us market the product well.   The competent team there knows what they are doing and I’m so grateful for all the support over the years.  Baby Wisp® has been around now for NINE years and so much of the brand’s success and visibility is due to this partnership with Kidcentral.  They are able to keep hundreds of shops (brick and online) stocked!  I truly am thankful that even through our move to the USA, they have continued to support this brand  Thanks Daniela, for everything.

If you think there is a shop in Canada that should carry us – talk to the owner and they can contact our distributor.  Any other country – you can contact me directly and we can discuss wholesale opportunities.

Please check out our latest arrivals and while you’re at it – check out the current promotion on our ribbon clips!  Now 20% off with Baby Wisp® coupon: Ribbon20

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Limited Time Only – Buy One, Get One Free Sale!

Now on selected Latch Wisp Clips (Mini and Large), Buy One clip, and Get another clip for FREE* (of equal or lesser value)!

Mix and match clips, so you get the bow styles and colors you want!

We’ve never had a sale like this before! So hurry, and stock up! Don’t miss out! This sale is not on for long. Ends Sunday August 13, 2017.

All you need to do is just add the items to cart and see your discounts automatically apply at checkout. No coupon required.

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Shop is Closing for Two Weeks

The Work At Home  and running your own business thing has its perks!  I’m taking a vacation from the shop to hang with the kids.  Many working moms can appreciate this break you just have to take.  I’m hitting the OFF button.  After I started up the shop again 6 months ago, it’s been non stop trying to grow and ramp up here in our new country and market.  The Canadian Dollar slippage hasn’t helped us and growth in the USA market certainly has its challenges.  I’m grateful to have such a loyal customer base and Baby Wisp has a recognized brand name which has helped keep the flow… But…I’m wiped out!

Sooooo……No more hair bow making, hair clip packing, headband photographing and baby toddler photo editing and website updating for me…well, for two weeks anyways. 🙂

California Toddler Girl So Cute

Latest photoshoot with American Toddler Girl

I hope you took advantage of the big discounts on the star spangled patriotic fourth of July sets as I am busy packing up all those orders this weekend!


I am taking a much needed two weeks off!  Emily is still working full time in Toronto and is available to assist you in anything you need EXCEPT shipping out Baby Wisp products.  Feel free to contact her via email, facebook or instagram.

Next Ship out June 30

You can grab 20% off orders over $25 from now until June 28 with coupon BREAK20.  

Find out more here

Mother’s Day Reflections

Many of us know mother’s day is coming up and we start thinking about our moms and what are we going to get them that really says ” I Love You”, “You’re the best!” and all the many showers of glory and praise for our moms (well deserved of course!).  This year, I feel a bit different.   I am grateful for my mom and my mother in law and they are getting showered with LOVE for sure… but I am also SO SO SO grateful that I have been given the chance in life to BE A MOM.

What’s with the deep thoughts – you ask? Well, my heart goes out to a dear friend who has just been given the devastating news that she cannot bear children after a long struggle trying… and for those of you with babies or without, just think about that for a second.  Becoming a mother is often something you take for granted just because of where you are in life (for example, not ready for kids yet or just being overwhelmed with how much stuff you have to do in a day for the kid(s) ), I just suddenly feel that I’m so lucky that I get to do this.

So that’s where I am today as I write this and I’m sticking stamps on cards to my 2 moms.


So go ahead and shower your moms with gifts of love and her favourite things but also shower your babies with gifts of your love and appreciation. They have already given you a great gift and not everyone can get this gift.   Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Here’s a picture of my mom, me, and the kids having fun last month at easter.

mother's day fun pic baby wisp


P.s.  We have a giveaway on right now that closes on May 14, please enter it and you’re set up for the summer with free stuff so you have more money to spend on you LOL! 🙂 See the pic below, it is a nice mix of clips and a floral top knot cotton headband you can tie yourself so will fit anyone 0-18 months.

Here’s the link:


Mother’s Day Giveaway at Baby Wisp

Contest Closes May 14, 2017 so hurry!






Why Write Product Reviews? 

Product reviews are really a bonus and something that we often look for and rely on when purchasing a product for the first time. Sometimes it can be difficult deciding whether the product is right for you. We all want that extra bit of information from someone that has already tried the product we are thinking about purchasing. We seek to know what others think to help make it easier to decide which products to get, especially when there is a large selection to choose from.

So writing a review can be very useful as you share your opinion and experience to give others more insight into the product’s quality, style and function.  Why not choose a product you’ve purchased recently and share your review and help other moms decide if the product is right for them.

See some reviews our customers have said about our products on our site and our Amazon store. Now add your own! 

You already love the product so why not share the love and get more!


Every time you share a review you be automatically entered into our monthly draw! This month you can enter for a chance to win one of three $20 Gift Cards to! The more reviews you complete, the more chances you have of winning. 

Here’s how to enter:

  1.      Go to and select a product you recently purchased (if you received a review request email, click the link)
  2.      Scroll page down until you see the “Customer Reviews” and click “Write a Review” (Your email will not be published, it is for us to contact you if you win!)
  3.      Fill in the required fields, rate the product and write your review.

It’s that easy!

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Emily’s Fashion Picks for Easter Outfits for Girls!

Need some bowspiration for baby’s freshly picked spring outfits?  Here’s some picks by Emily that let you spring into baby fashion from some top baby kids apparel retailers and our baby and toddler bows, of course accessorize with the latest lines and trends.



Maybe pastel colours for baby girl is not your thing?  You love REDS and don’t wanna wait til summer.  Choose the Americana pinch clip bow to go with this ZARA baby dress.


yellow dress baby

Maize Yellow

They call it mellow yellow….but we call it baby maize yellow because it is a soft baby yellow that is perfect for spring.  Its faded hue is a compliment to so many kids apparel this season.


coral dress


Peach and coral are still a beautiful girly nonpink modern colour that’s made a stand in 2017 in kids fashion trends.  So many beautiful outfits we could have picked but this GAP dress would look great with our bowtastic hairbow in peach.

peach bow



 Baby Blue

Who says you gotta get all fancy for a cute spring look for baby girl?  Look at these darling overalls!  Wear a floral shirt under and this baby blue baby bow in mini latch clip for fine wispy hair.  Voilá!

light blue polka dots


lavender dress


This one we picked for a toddler to twirl and prance around in this special toddler girl easter dress.  The big soft big bow headwrap is the way to go with this spring dress!

big bow baby headband lavender




What did you think of Emily’s Baby and Toddler Girl Easter and Spring Dress picks for 2017?  What did we miss?  Maybe we can get her to do another round??

valentine baby girl first Valentine

Valentine’s Baby Girl

Get a Free Valentine Set with your Minimum Purchase

Valentine’s Day is Coming Up Soon!

Maybe you have a cute outfit planned for day out on and around Valentine’s day or maybe you are sending cute l’il Valentine’s out to all her fans and you need that final touch for her photoshoot.  You’ve come to the right place.  We have put together kyooooot Valentine’s themed sets and bows for you to quickly add to cart and check out and move on with your day.  Get inspired from our looks and find the perfect bow for the outfit you have already picked out.

babybows for girls on Valentine's

Valentine Photoshoot

We’d also like to let you know that we’ve got a new FREE shipping offer (USA & CANADA)!  If you spend $49* or more, you qualify for FREE standard shipping.  That means if you spend $49 or more, you qualify for the new free gift we just launched

satin boutique bows for babies and toddlers



*All minimum amounts stated are before taxes & shipping but after any discounts. 

Click here to see some of our picks for Valentine’s .

top knot headband for infants and cutest baby hair bowsbaby cat pink knee high socks and pink baby bows



baby wisp tiny baby hair bows for fine hair

Business Doesn’t Stay the Same. Ever.

The new american arm has been established of Baby Wisp® and we have begun shipping from San Diego.  I used to ship from Toronto and do the shipment drop offs at the Long Branch (Toronto) Rexall Canada Post office or the Shoppers at Cawthra and Lake Shore but now….my drop offs are a bit more scenic. I took a video with my new selfie stick to bring you along.   You’re sharing the ride with Mongoose.  Is this VLOGGING?  Am I vlogging now? LOL.  If I was 20, I think this wouldn’t be so funny to me.   I have a selfie stick people.  It was very embarrassing whipping it out and using it in Del Mar but it definitely was useful!  I don’t know how to make the volume louder yet if anyone has tips please do let me know. Hope you enjoy the little share of part of my days.

The next thing I need to tell you about as a change to the business, is that I’ve listened to you ALL of your website woes you have been having at and I’m acting on it.  We’re changing web platforms next week.  The platform will have LESS functionality but hopefully the simple, clean design and functions will actually work ALL THE TIME.  Thank you for all your patience in the past few months as I tried my best to handle all the technical difficulties that came with upgrades and patches and a bunch of other stuff I thought I left behind 9 years ago when I was working in the technology sector as an analyst!  Sheesh.

What’s changing on

The main changes are as follows:

  1. The LOYALTY POINTS  program as you know it will be retired. If you have points, you have one week to use them all up!  (Ends November 21, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST) .I will of course be working on our next rewards program and will keep you in the loop. Just sign up for our newsletter as they already received notification of this change this morning.
  2. VIP program will also be terminating.
  3. Look and Feel of will change, hopefully to a look you will love.
  4. The categories will be set up differently, the intent is to provide you with a cleaner shopping experience
  5. Increase the number of payment options offered on site
  6. Reduce the amount of time Beena is trouble shooting technical difficulties!

There will be other aspects gained and lost but I won’t bore you with the details. If you’re really interested (have a small biz too or something like that), just email me at our email and we can talk further!


We’re almost ready to re-open Baby Wisp®

When my hubbs got the job offer, we were excited but also scared.  If we uproot the family for this, is everything going to work out?  Will the kids be happy?  Will I be able to run the business I have worked so hard on from there?  Turns out….all these anxieties are working themselves out.  Not sure if it is the sunny weather, beaches or friendly people of San Diego (or a combo of all!!!) but life is settling from chaos and uncertainty into….well, LIFE!  I had to take some extra time to ease the kids into their new life and now that’s done (a puppy really helps guys, REALLY!) so I turned my attention to Baby Wisp.  I had a few extra hurdles to jump in the past couple of weeks but I think I got dis now…

I created a short video to tell you about Thursday at…we will be back up and running.  Please join our newsletter so you find out about all our upcoming deals and we’d like to introduce the new fall collection to you.

P.s. we need a baby to model some of the new bows!  Know anyone??






It’s Done.

We had the busiest day ever in the 8 year Baby Wisp® career I’ve enjoyed.  We’ve officially closed the Toronto location now.


This cute little boutique enjoyed 3 years in Long Branch located in south Toronto but now that I’m moving to San Diego, we had to close.  I wasn’t able to find someone to manage this location for me so that I could keep the Canadian based location open.  We threw a huuuuuge moving sale with 25% off all regular priced items and 75% off all sale items in the final week.  We had over 250 orders come in just a couple of days and the shop was a flurry of activity as people came in to say goodbye and grab in-store deals.   This volume of online orders is actually delaying me being able to pack up! hahaha!  Is this a case of “careful” what you wish for?  🙂

My favourite part of this was the number of women who wanted to personally tell me how much they love the brand I created.  Talk about some feel good moments in the final hours!   “Oh – you’re the owner?  What you’ve created here is amazing. I LOVE Baby Wisp.”  I had these type of comments that really made me blush  (ok well I’m not white so not really blush haha but feel weirdly humbled 🙂  )

bab-wisp-shopI also had quite a few customers tell me how bad they felt buying the items I was clearly at a loss selling at these prices.  I can relate though.  I have felt that way when I have gone to a local boutique that has closed and I know they are losing money on every sale but at the same time….their loss was my gain.  You feel guilty….but also giddy about the DEAL I got.  There was a boutique in Fort Saskatchewan that closed down before I left Edmonton and I still remember getting some Robeez slippers for my son for 60% off and I felt so bad…..but at the same time was like wooooohoooo!

storeclearout sale

And just like that, my Toronto adventure is done.   My hubbs new job starts the first week of August. It’s time to hustle and get er done.

Gotta close up all the orders, pack up the shop, get all the paperwork in order for the importing to the USA of commercial goods, donating what I’m not taking,  packing up the house & selling it.  The list is a mile long and I need to get on it (hey like how I said mile not kilometre?)

So, the online shop is closed now.  The brick n mortar location is closed.  I will re-open online as soon as I’m able to settle in the kids & family.  On a sad note – for those who came to the little boutique, I wanted to let you know Bone passed away this week.  I am devastated by this as he was my 24-7 companion for the past 16.5 years.  Here’s us two weeks ago having a family nap outside. I miss him so much.



Pause…..But I have to keep going.

I can’t thank you enough, Toronto.  It was a blast.  I love this city.  Thank you for this amazing experience.  Please sign up for our newsletter on so you will know when the shop is back up and running.