Baby Wisp® Turns 10!

A small shop selling hairbows starts at a farmer’s market and ends up becoming an international brand and a sustainable family business.  Does this sound possible?  I mean more clearly – I can operate as a working mom full time and still take my kids to and from school and all their lessons and playdates and STILL run a successful business?  We only sell hair bows and there are millions of hair bow companies out there – what makes us so different that we could last ten years?

I ask myself this.

And the answer is – I don’t really know!  But I’m extremely grateful and happy that this is the case.  I actually made it 10 years as a small business in a niche market (such as this one with such low barriers to entry) – and here I am!  Wooohooo!  C -e – l – e- b – r – a – t – e !! I’m pretty sure it’s because of other moms though.  Like 99% sure.

Photo 2018-10-04, 1 49 01 PM

What I see now is people are actively seeking brands with a story, with unique offerings and original designs and ideas.  Could this be it?  I’m not going to lie about the pressures from places like Amazon (that make it really hard to compete from a price perspective) – but our people are less about price, more about quality, more about supporting other business women and local shops and more about finding pieces that accessorize their baby in less of a mass market way.   That’s the commonality I see among my customers when I chat with them and their instagram feeds.

Photo 2018-03-12, 2 44 54 PM


When you first have a baby girl and you spend time and energy dressing her up in a cute outfit – are you really going to ruin it with  – pardon my candor – a low quality run of the mill dollar store bow?  What’s the point of that?   This is how I started after all.  I had my baby and felt this way.  I wanted to match her outfits perfectly with the perfect subtle hair accessory and now I’m sharing this with other moms who feel the same way.  Thankfully, there’s lots of you out there!! LOL THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

I have a blog post about Baby Wisp 10 year anniversary up on that you can read if you are interested more in my story.  I thought for now, I would tell you about the specials I have going for our anniversary month!

Here’s what you get:

  • Spend $10 or more – you will automatically get a pair of Baby Wisp® bows (automatically added, no coupon required, no substitutions.  Starts Oct 7/18 12:00PM PST)
  • Spend $39 or more – you will get a 3 bow gift set as shown which includes one black fancy bow one orange felt wisp clip bow, one polka dot grosgrain wisp clip bow.



  • Spend $39 or more – we will pay for your regular shipping (CANADA & USA ship to addresses only!)
  • Special offer to try our new bows not available anywhere else for $10 Off – as shown.



Cannot be combined with any other offers unless specified.  Minimum spend is determined before Taxes& Shipping and after discounts. All these limited time offers end October 31, 2018 11:59PM EST. No coupons are required to redeem any of these. 

With the holiday season approaching, I created this sneak peek set so our people could grab the latest colors and styles at a great discount that will take them right into Christmas.  This set is about 40% off retail price for a limited time.  The big red bow is the 4″ wide Americana bow with a large wisp latch clip backing.  I haven’t launched a new collection of large wisp clips in 4 years – but one is coming. 😉 . This is your sneak peek also of 8 new chelsea bow snap clips and new faux suede mia bow headbands.

Hope you love it and take advantage of the deals.  It’s a small way for me to say thank you AGAIN and I’m looking forward to a stronger 2019.  If I’m missing any styles and colors you want – please please reach out and let me know.  This is what keeps us strong and you get what you want in those baby photos that will last her lifetime.  It’s really a win-win 😉


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Summer Clearout of baby bows and toddler hair bows is now on.

Coupon to use is SUMMER30


Stylish Baby Bows and Toddler Bows

Beautiful bows are found here that are already on sale.  Now, until August 6, 2018 you can apply coupon SUMMER30 on and get an additional 30% off our summer collection.

Babies of all ages, including newborns and infants upto about 18 months with fine hair will love our wisp clips the best!  The mini latch clips comb into fine baby hair and there are many baby hair clips that work on fine wispy hair that on sale in this collection you can scoop up at a great price.  Don’t miss out on these cute little bows as they will look great with the trendy infant dresses.

vintage floral bows with long tails

Check it out! 

Florals, florals, everywhere! Perfect for every occasion!

Floral prints are a must-have for Summer! Pretty floral bow prints add such a subtle, natural and feminine style to any outfit. It easily coordinates with solid colored outfits and instantly adds an effortlessly beautiful accent.

Our Summer Pick: Denim & Florals


We really like this cute denim dress from It coordinates well with Baby Wisp’s different floral bow prints in both dark and light colors.

Find the Floral Bow you love in our Floral Collection.

It’s all about Florals and Stripes for infant fashion for Spring 2018!

Easter Dresses for Baby Girls Show Off Spring Style.

Whether you are a pastel color lover or floral fashionista, 2018 has a wide variety of colors and patterns to make you jump for even more joy if you’re a mom of a baby girl.

We’ve picked out a few outfits and dresses that make us happy and paired them with Baby Wisp® bows you will love.


First up, how is this from @peekkids?


The pinstripes are bang on what’s happening in the women’s fashion world so why not for baby girl, toddler girl or even school girl.  The size range available on this dress is perfect for sisterly coordinating!  I love that the florals are vibrant and the Chantilly Chelsea Bow set gives you options to switch up the look every time baby girl wears this dress!


Old Navy Dress pairs Great with the new LITTLE MISS chelsea boutique bow set. This colonial rose color is a must-have.





The dress from Old Navy above can be worn with so many colors as the colonial rose color is like a cinammon spice that’s been on trend for clothes since the fall.


This yellow and grey combo from H&M kids is a basic that isn’t too statement and can be a mini-me type outfit so mommy can coordinate with an outfit.  It could be grown up but top it with our cute pastel tuxedo grosgrain five pack and it’s accessorized right.  Do you have some shoe suggestions?










Or you can just opt for a cutesy and comfy sleeper like Ellis here who is ready for Easter Egg hunting and her big meet and greet with the Bunny!

Easter Weekend is here and so is our Easter Weekend Sale which ends April 15, 2018.  You can get 20% off all the sets I mentioned with a coupon.  See for details and shop our SPRING COLLECTION 2018 NOW!  


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Special Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Baby Girl

Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow! Maybe it is baby girl’s first Valentine’s day and you wanted to get her something cute and small…but not candy…well why not some pretty pink bows or vivacious red?  She can feel pretty with barrettes perfect for fine hair of infant girls. Hair bows are gorgeous and can be used year round for all the festivities.  High quality ribbon bows and stylish too!


Maybe you’re not looking for a gift but why not an accessory for a photo to take?  Check out this emily hairbow on this toddler girl.


Some photography ideas from Jana Doucet Photography that are unique and can be framed to add colour to your walls.  Unique like those artsy instagram pictures you think only celebs have time to do, you can find a talented newborn /baby / toddler photographer to help document yet another first.

Get 25% off our Valentine collection before it is too late.

Use coupon: LOVE25

see for more deets on the coupon and sale!

baby's first valentine photoshoot ideas




Sage Green Hair Bows Compliment a Trendy Girl’s Wardrobe

New sage green hairbows are available in three different style grosgrain ribbon hairbows on clips for fine baby hair.  Snap clips (cadeau and the tuxedo) work on fine baby and toddler hair and we also have this colour available in the very large Mariah Bow for older girls with more hair. The Mariah Big boutique bow is attached to a ribbon lined gator clip.

Help us name more new colours in the coming weeks as we continue to bring you our new spring collection colors for 2018!  This one was named by our very own people on instagram and facebook.  Thank you for taking the time!





Sage Plant Leaves Next To new SAGE GREEN Bows

Look at this picture of the green grosgrain ribbon bows next to clippings from my Sage Plant.  It really was the only logical choice in the colour naming.

What I love most about this green is that it can be worn with so many colours like in the photo below, this two year old wore it with a navy blue sweater.





Girls Who Love Big Bows

What’s new at Baby Wisp this month is NEW Huge Boutique bows on pinch clips for girl’s Christmas dresses… just in time for the holiday season.  We had previously found the market so hard to get noticed in but suddenly with our entry into Amazon, we have a chance for moms to find the modern colours and shapes they need to accessorize their stylish girls’ outfits.  We had so many requests for bows for older girls so that moms who have known and trusted their baby girls and toddlers to us, can still come back for more bows as they get older.

Huge bows for little girls

This photo shows our largest 8 inch Grosgrain Ribbon Boutique Bows on cute tweenagers who love making statements…I mean making a statement in the fashion sense of course ;)!

Big Grosgrain Boutique Huge Bows

For younger girls with smaller heads, we now have 30 colours available in the americana bow (4 inches) and the NEW nicki bow (6 inch) that also comes with rhinestones.  You are sure to find the perfect coordinating coloured hair bow for your little girl’s holiday debut.  The clip is a 2.25 inch ribbon wrapped stainless steel alligator clip with teeth.

beautiful sparkling big bow hair clips


Check out the collection here and sign up for our newsletter to find out when the new collections are launched!

Nobody wants to take a baby headband off an Infant’s head and see red marks!

We have now introduced a new softer, stretchier elastic as a headband for babies. 

Autumn is here! We are introducing the new Sailor Bow Headband for infants that match this beautiful time of the year.

This Headband includes a big fabric bow with a mixture of colors including yellow, pearl blue and olive green with a white background.

The giant floral bow Headband is made with materials that are comfortable to wear at any time.

Girls wearing this amazing floral sailor bow headband will go along with the colors of the leaves that fall during this season.

Add this cute fabric bow Headband to your infant hair accessories collection!

This Giant bow Headband is now available at

Hipster Babies?  How do you know you have one?

Ask yourself a few questions: Is your baby wearing hammer (harem) pants, lulu lemon baby leggings (joke!), other baby yoga gear, slouchy toque, infinity scarf, oversized glasses, converse or mom jeans?     Is your baby a hipster baby hanging out at coffee shops in her buffalo plaid sling?

Then you’re not dressing her in pink bows.

Hipster Baby Bows

This is the baby bow gift set for you as there is no pink but the colours are bang on with top hipsterish color schemes in baby fashion trends.  What a unique gift for baby girls to impress at a baby shower or just give a little edgy style to your little one.

Colors in this set include: Charcoal Grey, Soft Shell Grey, Baby Peach, Rich Burgundy Wine and Tornado Teal Blue.

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Baby Headbands Infant Hairbands for Fall Adorable Newborn Baby Girl Gift

(Photo Courtesy

Baby Wisp® has officially launched its new baby headband Collection in Canada

Wholesalers in Canada can now place their orders with KidCentral Supply!

Infant headbands are those type of baby hair accessories that require careful thought in terms of sizing for baby heads, softness for their delicate skin and style and colours that match current modern baby fashion and kids fashion trends.  We’ve done it!   Just launched our new collection in the wholesale network serviced by KidCentral Supply and so the Baby Wisp ® retailers will soon be stocking their shelves up with these great new styles, patterns and headbands.  Share any pictures you see with #babywisp….we LOVE seeing how retailers display our products.

Some other news as we celebrate the latest fall collection (it has already pre-sold from east to west coast!)  is noting that our partnership with the Children’s product distributor KidCentral Supply has now completed SIX years together.  The biggest reason I feel that we continue to work so well with each other is the VP there.  She’s amazing.  She gives me feedback with her ear to the ground on the trends I need to focus on and helping us market the product well.   The competent team there knows what they are doing and I’m so grateful for all the support over the years.  Baby Wisp® has been around now for NINE years and so much of the brand’s success and visibility is due to this partnership with Kidcentral.  They are able to keep hundreds of shops (brick and online) stocked!  I truly am thankful that even through our move to the USA, they have continued to support this brand  Thanks Daniela, for everything.

If you think there is a shop in Canada that should carry us – talk to the owner and they can contact our distributor.  Any other country – you can contact me directly and we can discuss wholesale opportunities.

Please check out our latest arrivals and while you’re at it – check out the current promotion on our ribbon clips!  Now 20% off with Baby Wisp® coupon: Ribbon20

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