Guys, I’m in California!

Our brick n mortar shop is closed today, Friday June 24, 2016 as I am out of town trying to find a place where we will live when we get here next month.

The BUY 2 GET 2 FREE deals have launched online and will last one week.  The only thing I want to mention is that Canada Post is poised for strike July 2.  I would highly suggest getting your orders in this weekend so we can really hustle and get your orders out the door on Monday and Tuesday.  IF the strike goes through, we are going to have to close earlier than I thought.  Will keep you posted.



Just snapped this photo of where I am sitting working. PALM TREES…right?  right??  To those living in regions where this is normal, you don’t know why I’m in “awe” mode. It feels surreal.  I’m an Edmonton girl at heart and been a Toronto girl for the past five years and I’ve never had the chance to work with this kind of heat and palm trees without being on our family winter getaways!  It’s awesome!!!



I’ve been told I need to stop being so camera shy and start sharing more of what’s going on with Baby Wisp!  I did a quick video here on our youtube channel.  Subscribe if you get a chance. I’m really going to try my best to add videos so you can be part of our big move and also me setting up in the states:


One last thing.  I need your help.  I have A LOT of stock. I won’t be able to clear out of it in the next 4 weeks.  This means I want to give it away.

Soooooo…  I want to give it to non profit, charitable organizations but I don’t have time to go through an onerous application process. Some ideas I had was “kids with cancer” or “sick kids” as those girls may have lost their hair and still want pretties and we can totally help with that.  Do you have any contacts?  Even low income areas where new moms are struggling in the GTA or other parts of Canada.  Let us know.  We will see what we can do.

Please email with your suggestions or facebook us!  time is ticking….