It’s Done.

We had the busiest day ever in the 8 year Baby Wisp® career I’ve enjoyed.  We’ve officially closed the Toronto location now.


This cute little boutique enjoyed 3 years in Long Branch located in south Toronto but now that I’m moving to San Diego, we had to close.  I wasn’t able to find someone to manage this location for me so that I could keep the Canadian based location open.  We threw a huuuuuge moving sale with 25% off all regular priced items and 75% off all sale items in the final week.  We had over 250 orders come in just a couple of days and the shop was a flurry of activity as people came in to say goodbye and grab in-store deals.   This volume of online orders is actually delaying me being able to pack up! hahaha!  Is this a case of “careful” what you wish for?  🙂

My favourite part of this was the number of women who wanted to personally tell me how much they love the brand I created.  Talk about some feel good moments in the final hours!   “Oh – you’re the owner?  What you’ve created here is amazing. I LOVE Baby Wisp.”  I had these type of comments that really made me blush  (ok well I’m not white so not really blush haha but feel weirdly humbled 🙂  )

bab-wisp-shopI also had quite a few customers tell me how bad they felt buying the items I was clearly at a loss selling at these prices.  I can relate though.  I have felt that way when I have gone to a local boutique that has closed and I know they are losing money on every sale but at the same time….their loss was my gain.  You feel guilty….but also giddy about the DEAL I got.  There was a boutique in Fort Saskatchewan that closed down before I left Edmonton and I still remember getting some Robeez slippers for my son for 60% off and I felt so bad…..but at the same time was like wooooohoooo!

storeclearout sale

And just like that, my Toronto adventure is done.   My hubbs new job starts the first week of August. It’s time to hustle and get er done.

Gotta close up all the orders, pack up the shop, get all the paperwork in order for the importing to the USA of commercial goods, donating what I’m not taking,  packing up the house & selling it.  The list is a mile long and I need to get on it (hey like how I said mile not kilometre?)

So, the online shop is closed now.  The brick n mortar location is closed.  I will re-open online as soon as I’m able to settle in the kids & family.  On a sad note – for those who came to the little boutique, I wanted to let you know Bone passed away this week.  I am devastated by this as he was my 24-7 companion for the past 16.5 years.  Here’s us two weeks ago having a family nap outside. I miss him so much.



Pause…..But I have to keep going.

I can’t thank you enough, Toronto.  It was a blast.  I love this city.  Thank you for this amazing experience.  Please sign up for our newsletter on so you will know when the shop is back up and running.