We’re almost ready to re-open Baby Wisp®

When my hubbs got the job offer, we were excited but also scared.  If we uproot the family for this, is everything going to work out?  Will the kids be happy?  Will I be able to run the business I have worked so hard on from there?  Turns out….all these anxieties are working themselves out.  Not sure if it is the sunny weather, beaches or friendly people of San Diego (or a combo of all!!!) but life is settling from chaos and uncertainty into….well, LIFE!  I had to take some extra time to ease the kids into their new life and now that’s done (a puppy really helps guys, REALLY!) so I turned my attention to Baby Wisp.  I had a few extra hurdles to jump in the past couple of weeks but I think I got dis now…

I created a short video to tell you about Thursday at babywisp.com…we will be back up and running.  Please join our newsletter so you find out about all our upcoming deals and we’d like to introduce the new fall collection to you.

P.s. we need a baby to model some of the new bows!  Know anyone??