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valentine baby girl first Valentine

Valentine’s Baby Girl

Get a Free Valentine Set with your Minimum Purchase

Valentine’s Day is Coming Up Soon!

Maybe you have a cute outfit planned for day out on and around Valentine’s day or maybe you are sending cute l’il Valentine’s out to all her fans and you need that final touch for her photoshoot.  You’ve come to the right place.  We have put together kyooooot Valentine’s themed sets and bows for you to quickly add to cart and check out and move on with your day.  Get inspired from our looks and find the perfect bow for the outfit you have already picked out.

babybows for girls on Valentine's

Valentine Photoshoot

We’d also like to let you know that we’ve got a new FREE shipping offer (USA & CANADA)!  If you spend $49* or more, you qualify for FREE standard shipping.  That means if you spend $49 or more, you qualify for the new free gift we just launched

satin boutique bows for babies and toddlers



*All minimum amounts stated are before taxes & shipping but after any discounts. 

Click here to see some of our picks for Valentine’s .

top knot headband for infants and cutest baby hair bowsbaby cat pink knee high socks and pink baby bows



baby wisp tiny baby hair bows for fine hair


Mother’s Day is This Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day

Whether it’s your first mother’s day or your nth, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the day set aside to appreciate all that moms do.




One of the special things to do is take some photos of your little mini me and you!  Lots of moms find matching outfits to wear and get a cutesy shot in or two to embarrass them later in life while other moms may want a more subtle memory. How about coordinating your accessories?  Baby Wisp has just added a new section to our website here that has “Mommy N’ Me” sets you can purchase to coordinate accessories.

What are “Mommy n Me” Accessories?

What does that even mean?  Well, babies have softer, smaller heads and finer hair than most grown ups so they cannot wear the same accessories as older kids and adults.  WE obviously recognize this (LOL!!!!) but maybe you’re a mom who likes to wear flowers in your hair, what can you wear to coordinate or match with your daughter’s accessories?  Enter “mommy and me accessories”.  Each set is designed to have one “baby” size whether it be baby hair clip or baby headband and the second is a larger clip or flower crown designed for mamma’s head like this set we made in our Toronto shop.

Baby Flower Crown AND Larger Flower Crown for Adult

Baby Flower Crown AND Larger Flower Crown for Adult

The other reason we put this section together is for the Sisters who want to wear matching accessories.  Our shop has a variety of bows and headbands that fit many different size heads and hair types.

Cute Big Sister Little Sister Matching Accessories

For a Limited time (ends May 9, 2016), this section is being offered at 20% off AND we’re offering you TWO free accessories with your purchase of $39 or more at our shop.  Find out more here.

Free gifts at Baby Wisp



So summer was a mix of good and bad.  In short – the good was the opening of the Baby Wisp Boutique in Toronto!

The bad-  is a tie between the flooded basement during the crazy storm that hit the east  and a massive tree that came crashing down into our yard (destroying a section of our brand new fence – thanks neighbour!)

Tree crashed into my yard!

But alas, all the signals are in the air that summer is over. The nights are coming quicker, the air is getting chillier, and the BACK TO SCHOOL signs are up everywhere.  We’re all scrambling to get ready for September right about now.  Do we have only a couple of weeks left? Aaaaaagh!!!

I am excited that my daughter is returning to school with her two front teeth missing and a sun kissed complexion from a summer well spent at the splash pads, parks and beaches.   She is the picture perfect school girl in my eyes. I can’t wait to get her all set up for school. I know she’s nervous (so am I!!!) but I’m hoping that as we shop for her first school supplies, her first alarm clock and her first day of school outfit – the anticipation will build and the anxiety will transform into happy anticipation.   If the weather is good, then I hope she can wear a dress, tights and her mary jane style shoes.  Unfortunately, I had to get her the Disney back pack (not my thing but is definitely hers so I caved on that as part of the negotiation so I can pick the hair accessory!).   I think she will be wearing a headband with her dress as the Baby Wisp satin butterfly bow is my favourite on her.  That was the inspiration for the current promotion available til August 24 only – that is “Spend $35 and get this headband FREE”.

Ribbon Wrapped Headband in Purple

Satin Butterfly Bow – Ribbon Wrapped Headband in Purple

The full details of our back to school promotions to help out with the accessorizing are available at this link.  There are free items available with minimum purchases but I also realize that since Baby Wisp specializes in the BABY and TODDLER accessories,  fall is still a time to begin coordinating Baby & Toddler Autumn outfits.   Our family pictures are often taken in the fall so now would be a good time to start planning outfits for that.  Newsletter subscribers are already aware that they can take 10% off their entire order this week only (cannot be combined with FREE gift offer and expires Aug 24, 2013).  Use couponcode: noschool10 to take advantage of the discount.

I have more announcements coming up soon that I’m excited to share.  The boutique has been a wonderful experience for us. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be working outside my home again.

Baby Wisp Shop

Baby Wisp Boutique: 3345 Lake Shore Blvd West

The best part about the shop is now I get to talk to customers face to face again to get their requests and see the outfits that need accessorizing.  Last few requests have been for NEON ribbons – what do you think of that???   If you’re in the neighbourhood, please come visit and tell us what you want!

Good luck with the shopping and the preparations for Fall.