Guys, I’m in California!

Our brick n mortar shop is closed today, Friday June 24, 2016 as I am out of town trying to find a place where we will live when we get here next month.

The BUY 2 GET 2 FREE deals have launched online and will last one week.  The only thing I want to mention is that Canada Post is poised for strike July 2.  I would highly suggest getting your orders in this weekend so we can really hustle and get your orders out the door on Monday and Tuesday.  IF the strike goes through, we are going to have to close earlier than I thought.  Will keep you posted.



Just snapped this photo of where I am sitting working. PALM TREES…right?  right??  To those living in regions where this is normal, you don’t know why I’m in “awe” mode. It feels surreal.  I’m an Edmonton girl at heart and been a Toronto girl for the past five years and I’ve never had the chance to work with this kind of heat and palm trees without being on our family winter getaways!  It’s awesome!!!



I’ve been told I need to stop being so camera shy and start sharing more of what’s going on with Baby Wisp!  I did a quick video here on our youtube channel.  Subscribe if you get a chance. I’m really going to try my best to add videos so you can be part of our big move and also me setting up in the states:


One last thing.  I need your help.  I have A LOT of stock. I won’t be able to clear out of it in the next 4 weeks.  This means I want to give it away.

Soooooo…  I want to give it to non profit, charitable organizations but I don’t have time to go through an onerous application process. Some ideas I had was “kids with cancer” or “sick kids” as those girls may have lost their hair and still want pretties and we can totally help with that.  Do you have any contacts?  Even low income areas where new moms are struggling in the GTA or other parts of Canada.  Let us know.  We will see what we can do.

Please email with your suggestions or facebook us!  time is ticking….





Let’s review the timeline on our journey and you can identify a pattern here.  We’re constantly trying new things, changing, moving…and it’s happening again in a big way.

Baby Wisp® started in Edmonton in 2008 at the farmer’s markets there while I was on mat leave with my daughter.

  • Then in 2010, my husband’s job moved us to Toronto so I started working from home there.   By then, I had my new baby boy in the picture also and about 50 shops across Canada carrying the product.
  • 2011 KidCentral Supply (which is a national distributor of children’s products in Canada) picked us up and boom!  We were in over 300 shops across the country.  Space got tight in my house.  I had to hire people to help me get orders out the door so I could focus on new products and also the marketing/ social media/ web upgrades/ networking.
  • 2013 -We grew out of my house… so we got a little boutique space, with office and warehouse space in Long Branch, Toronto.  Great drive by traffic on Lake Shore Boulevard West and an up n coming neighbourhood.  We did sooo much work setting up.  We designed the new pink awning and painted the building purple. Decorated and revamped the inside too!  It was a spa location before.

DSC_0582   babywisp-shop


We did a lot of work to brighten the space and make it uniquely matching our brand look and feel.



It’s been three years since we opened our little boutique in Long Branch, Toronto, Canada. I’m sad to do this, but we’re closing the boutique space forever, so I can keep going on this adventure called life…next stop …CALIFORNIA!!!!

What’s coming?

The good news is, BABY WISP® the online shop at will NOT be shutting down!  We will be temporarily unavailable to fulfill and ship out orders for approximately two weeks (exact dates – TBD).

The bad news is we will be saying goodbye to a couple staff members (one will continue to work remotely).  I’m sad about this as we have really become a family working together for the past 3 years here at our shop.

The plan is that I will set up a space back to a home business in August sometime and begin shipping out from my new location.  In the meanwhile, I cannot ship all these products across the border and won’t have space in our family home either.  This is GOOD NEWS for customers as we will be doing cray cray mega clearout store closing sales where you can really stock up on items.  Anyone owning boutiques and gift shops and other avenues of resale of Baby Wisp can contact me directly to get bulk discounts on products not carried by KidCentral Supply.

We will be offering one major sale per week til we leave.  It’s our “countdown to California “sales.  Join our newsletter so you are the first to get in on the deals. We have one sale in particular that the first ten customers will find that their coupon will give them an additional 60% off when they use it.  So you will want to know right away so you can use it.  You can also come by our physical boutique location to get in on the deals.  June 11, we will be having all our sales available at once in the one physical location and those won’t be available online.

I want to personally thank the good people of Toronto and GTA for supporting my little shop over the past three years.  Also, the local companies we used services from!  It’s been a slice here, I hope we can continue to enjoy a relationship as we move into the next chapter.  Wish us luck!  I will keep you updated and try to put out a little video soon.






Mother’s Day is This Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day

Whether it’s your first mother’s day or your nth, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the day set aside to appreciate all that moms do.




One of the special things to do is take some photos of your little mini me and you!  Lots of moms find matching outfits to wear and get a cutesy shot in or two to embarrass them later in life while other moms may want a more subtle memory. How about coordinating your accessories?  Baby Wisp has just added a new section to our website here that has “Mommy N’ Me” sets you can purchase to coordinate accessories.

What are “Mommy n Me” Accessories?

What does that even mean?  Well, babies have softer, smaller heads and finer hair than most grown ups so they cannot wear the same accessories as older kids and adults.  WE obviously recognize this (LOL!!!!) but maybe you’re a mom who likes to wear flowers in your hair, what can you wear to coordinate or match with your daughter’s accessories?  Enter “mommy and me accessories”.  Each set is designed to have one “baby” size whether it be baby hair clip or baby headband and the second is a larger clip or flower crown designed for mamma’s head like this set we made in our Toronto shop.

Baby Flower Crown AND Larger Flower Crown for Adult

Baby Flower Crown AND Larger Flower Crown for Adult

The other reason we put this section together is for the Sisters who want to wear matching accessories.  Our shop has a variety of bows and headbands that fit many different size heads and hair types.

Cute Big Sister Little Sister Matching Accessories

For a Limited time (ends May 9, 2016), this section is being offered at 20% off AND we’re offering you TWO free accessories with your purchase of $39 or more at our shop.  Find out more here.

Free gifts at Baby Wisp



Take a look at our Top Picks for Halloween


Start shopping for accessories to help create that perfect costume for your little one. We picked out some selections that will complement your little girl’s costume or festive outfit for Halloween.

We also put together some adorable Halloween Sets that will give you the best value and styles.

skinny-pirates    lace-fantasia

See our top picks and more selections here.

Our Halloween Sets qualify as a Multi-Pack, so you will receive a FREE Flower Accessory with purchase. Check here for more details on how to redeem the offer. Hurry, the offer ends September 28, 2015 or while quantities last.

Are you thinking of cool treat ideas to give away? How about giving a cute bow to each of your little one’s closest friends to wear? Check out our Lootbag accessories where you can get 5 accessories for $10, or 10 accessories for $18.


Get set for fall hair accessories for babies and toddlers!

Get set for fall hair accessories for babies and toddlers!

Get “Set” for Fall with our new multi-pack hairbows!

We’ve launched a new multiple clips (multi-pack) pack section  at Baby Wisp!  

Why ? With Autumn here, you’ve started getting cozy with cute little sweaters and richer deeper colours, haven’t you?  

Baby girl needs some new bows to coordinate with the new season’s latest fashions and instead of shopping one by one for her accessories, we’ve created these cute clip packs for you. These packs are value priced so it costs less to buy a pack of pre-picked colours and bows than to shop individually for each one!  We also take the guess work out of the equation for you if you just want to grab and go. Look at some of these favourites:

back to school accessories

Get a FREE flower clip with purchase of a multi-pack

Limited Time Offer

how to get a free flower accessory


Don’t forget, you can ALSO get a free mini latch clip felt bow ($6.95 value) with a minimum $39 purchase!  So TWO free clips plus loyalty points can be yours right now…hurry!

*Minimum purchase is $7.95 from our multipack section to qualify for the Free $8.00 value colossal blossom.  Limited time offer ends September 28, 2015 or while supplies last.  Limit one free flower per customer per order.

New Fall Products are now in Stock!

Baby Hair Accessories for Baby Girls

New Fall Products have arrived at Baby Wisp!

We have beautiful new styles of baby hair bows and baby headbands in stock at Baby Wisp. Check out our NEW products link to see all the new colours available in new products and new styles that we added.

Some new products include:

  • Flower Crown baby headbands
  • 100% Polyester Felt Bows in a modern present topper bow style.
  • New 3 pack Satin Boutique bows (All Satin and in snap clips!)
  • New 3 pack Modern Twist Grosgrain Bows (Snap clips!)
  • New 3 pack Trendy Twist Grosgrain Bows (Snap Clips!)
  • New 3 pack Modern Twist Grosgrain Bows (Snap clips!)
  • New colours in our classic mini latch clip baby wisp clips (colours like orange, navy, yellow, deep aqua, garden rose, cinderella blue, rapunzel pink, mermaid teal)

New Felt Bows Stitched to our Mini Latch Clips!

Click here to check out the ten colours available.  These are handmade and designed by us. They are bigger than our little tuxedo grosgrain by quite a bit.  They extend approximately 35mm across and lay flat and are available in gorgeous fall colours like blue and orange!  The luscious watermelon red is awesome too!

Baby Wearing BabyWisp FeltBow  Toddler Wearing Handmade FeltBow

Flower Crowns are Perfect for Fall Weddings and Events

Flower crowns worn across the top of the forehead (like a crown!) or around the head like a baby hair band would be are the latest trend alert you should know about. Click here to see the 6 colours available!  They can be work super dressy for weddings, baptisms, baby showers or birthdays…or you can wear them all bohemian style with a floral shirt and jeans. Our flower crowns are so elegant and stretchy that they can fit newborns and up!

Baby Flowercrown headbands  Baby headband flowercrown

New Colours in your favourite Bows!

New colours in your favourite hair bows

We’ve just added new colours to your favourite bows.

That’s right! Our Mini Latch Clips and Small Snap Clips you know and love have even more colours to choose from. These colours include Grey, Navy, Aquamarine, Orange, Cinderella Blue, Mermaid Teal, Passion Fruit, Rapunzel Garden Rose and more.

baby hair bow       baby hair bow           baby hair bow

Now you have even more possibilities when coordinating your little girl’s favourite Fall outfits. Click here to start shopping.

baby hair bow                          baby hair bow

Cute Back To School pack with grey, navy blue, red, white and light pink! #backtoschool #fallfashionaccessories

Father’s Day is almost here, you’re running out of time! But don’t worry, we’ve got some fun ideas for you!

Does your little boy want to be just like his dad? Well, Baby Wisp has bow ties and neck ties at a new reduced price so he can! Your little man can match his daddy for Father’s day!

You can even get any boys’ tie at an additional 50% off when you spend $49 or more before taxes and discounts, that’s 75% off the original price of any boys’ tie! Once you have $49 or more in your cart the discount will automatically be applied!

Boy's Ties only $9.95

Don’t worry if you have a girl, she can spend some quality time with daddy too! Daddy can do his little girl’s hair and spend some time with her on Father’s day. Baby Wisp has some great deals on hair accessories so daddy and his little girl get some quality bonding time.

Don’t forget, when you spend $49 and up, add a tie to your cart and get it for only $5!…but you also get a free surprise gift! The free gift has a value of at least $6.95. So what are you waiting for? Shop now >>

We’re one week away from Mother’s Day , for some of you , this year will be your first year celebrating. Whether it’s your first year or your fifth, Mother’s Day is definitely a day for moms around the world to feel appreciated! Here’s the part where most people would say “Mothers should be appreciated every day of the year, not just one” and I agree 150% with this! As a mama to two awesome kids, I know all about how often mom’s hard work goes unnoticed. You give them all the love in the world, care for them 24/7 and at the end of the day, if your son doesn’t get his new Lego City set, you’re sooo mean!  #LifeOfAMom #MaybeThatsJustMe

Reminiscing on your first few years as a mom really makes you realize how much has changed and how fast your kids grow up right in front your eyes. Your first Mother’s Day should be the most memorable one, if you don’t know what to do, here are a few ideas to make some memories to last a lifetime:

  1. Have a Mother/Daughter (Or Son) Photoshoot Pictures last 1000 words and if cared for properly, they can last for generations. A photoshoot of just you and your first born child is the perfect way to capture those precious moments of new motherhood. The time goes so quickly and you’re always the one taking the pictures aren’t you?  Use Mother’s Day as a reason to be the one in the picture for once!
  2.  The Gift that Keeps on Growing To celebrate your first Mother’s Day, why not plant something that will grow with your little one? A rose bush or a fruit tree is always a good idea and it will always be there as a way to remind you of your first year as a mom (unless you move a few years down the road). There is definitely a lot of sentimental value attached to this one !
  3. Make a “Lasting Impression” This one may get a bit messy but again, makes a memory with huge sentimental value . Spread out a roll of butcher paper , or if you want to step it up a notch , get a canvas and some non-toxic paints and leave behind hand prints or foot prints of you and baby , do the same thing next year to see how much he or she has grown !

These are just a few ideas I thought I would share with you , I hope your first Mother’s Day is unforgettable and remember, you’re an amazing mom , keep up the great work ! Happy Mother’s Day!  We’re celebrating at Baby Wisp too by offering 10% off the entire site.  Hurry as it ends Sunday –>go now