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Girls Who Love Big Bows

What’s new at Baby Wisp this month is NEW Huge Boutique bows on pinch clips for girl’s Christmas dresses… just in time for the holiday season.  We had previously found the market so hard to get noticed in but suddenly with our entry into Amazon, we have a chance for moms to find the modern colours and shapes they need to accessorize their stylish girls’ outfits.  We had so many requests for bows for older girls so that moms who have known and trusted their baby girls and toddlers to us, can still come back for more bows as they get older.

Huge bows for little girls

This photo shows our largest 8 inch Grosgrain Ribbon Boutique Bows on cute tweenagers who love making statements…I mean making a statement in the fashion sense of course ;)!

Big Grosgrain Boutique Huge Bows

For younger girls with smaller heads, we now have 30 colours available in the americana bow (4 inches) and the NEW nicki bow (6 inch) that also comes with rhinestones.  You are sure to find the perfect coordinating coloured hair bow for your little girl’s holiday debut.  The clip is a 2.25 inch ribbon wrapped stainless steel alligator clip with teeth.

beautiful sparkling big bow hair clips


Check out the collection here and sign up for our newsletter to find out when the new collections are launched!


Hipster Babies?  How do you know you have one?

Ask yourself a few questions: Is your baby wearing hammer (harem) pants, lulu lemon baby leggings (joke!), other baby yoga gear, slouchy toque, infinity scarf, oversized glasses, converse or mom jeans?     Is your baby a hipster baby hanging out at coffee shops in her buffalo plaid sling?

Then you’re not dressing her in pink bows.

Hipster Baby Bows

This is the baby bow gift set for you as there is no pink but the colours are bang on with top hipsterish color schemes in baby fashion trends.  What a unique gift for baby girls to impress at a baby shower or just give a little edgy style to your little one.

Colors in this set include: Charcoal Grey, Soft Shell Grey, Baby Peach, Rich Burgundy Wine and Tornado Teal Blue.

Shop Now

Mother’s Day Reflections

Many of us know mother’s day is coming up and we start thinking about our moms and what are we going to get them that really says ” I Love You”, “You’re the best!” and all the many showers of glory and praise for our moms (well deserved of course!).  This year, I feel a bit different.   I am grateful for my mom and my mother in law and they are getting showered with LOVE for sure… but I am also SO SO SO grateful that I have been given the chance in life to BE A MOM.

What’s with the deep thoughts – you ask? Well, my heart goes out to a dear friend who has just been given the devastating news that she cannot bear children after a long struggle trying… and for those of you with babies or without, just think about that for a second.  Becoming a mother is often something you take for granted just because of where you are in life (for example, not ready for kids yet or just being overwhelmed with how much stuff you have to do in a day for the kid(s) ), I just suddenly feel that I’m so lucky that I get to do this.

So that’s where I am today as I write this and I’m sticking stamps on cards to my 2 moms.


So go ahead and shower your moms with gifts of love and her favourite things but also shower your babies with gifts of your love and appreciation. They have already given you a great gift and not everyone can get this gift.   Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Here’s a picture of my mom, me, and the kids having fun last month at easter.

mother's day fun pic baby wisp


P.s.  We have a giveaway on right now that closes on May 14, please enter it and you’re set up for the summer with free stuff so you have more money to spend on you LOL! 🙂 See the pic below, it is a nice mix of clips and a floral top knot cotton headband you can tie yourself so will fit anyone 0-18 months.

Here’s the link:


Mother’s Day Giveaway at Baby Wisp

Contest Closes May 14, 2017 so hurry!






Father's Day Deals and Easy to Enter Contest for chance to win $58 Gift set!

Great time to get neck ties and bow ties as it’s buy 1 get 50% Off on

It’s a perfect way to coordinate Lil Man with dad for upcoming wedding season or just being funky around town like a lil hipster in bowties and converse.

So summer was a mix of good and bad.  In short – the good was the opening of the Baby Wisp Boutique in Toronto!

The bad-  is a tie between the flooded basement during the crazy storm that hit the east  and a massive tree that came crashing down into our yard (destroying a section of our brand new fence – thanks neighbour!)

Tree crashed into my yard!

But alas, all the signals are in the air that summer is over. The nights are coming quicker, the air is getting chillier, and the BACK TO SCHOOL signs are up everywhere.  We’re all scrambling to get ready for September right about now.  Do we have only a couple of weeks left? Aaaaaagh!!!

I am excited that my daughter is returning to school with her two front teeth missing and a sun kissed complexion from a summer well spent at the splash pads, parks and beaches.   She is the picture perfect school girl in my eyes. I can’t wait to get her all set up for school. I know she’s nervous (so am I!!!) but I’m hoping that as we shop for her first school supplies, her first alarm clock and her first day of school outfit – the anticipation will build and the anxiety will transform into happy anticipation.   If the weather is good, then I hope she can wear a dress, tights and her mary jane style shoes.  Unfortunately, I had to get her the Disney back pack (not my thing but is definitely hers so I caved on that as part of the negotiation so I can pick the hair accessory!).   I think she will be wearing a headband with her dress as the Baby Wisp satin butterfly bow is my favourite on her.  That was the inspiration for the current promotion available til August 24 only – that is “Spend $35 and get this headband FREE”.

Ribbon Wrapped Headband in Purple

Satin Butterfly Bow – Ribbon Wrapped Headband in Purple

The full details of our back to school promotions to help out with the accessorizing are available at this link.  There are free items available with minimum purchases but I also realize that since Baby Wisp specializes in the BABY and TODDLER accessories,  fall is still a time to begin coordinating Baby & Toddler Autumn outfits.   Our family pictures are often taken in the fall so now would be a good time to start planning outfits for that.  Newsletter subscribers are already aware that they can take 10% off their entire order this week only (cannot be combined with FREE gift offer and expires Aug 24, 2013).  Use couponcode: noschool10 to take advantage of the discount.

I have more announcements coming up soon that I’m excited to share.  The boutique has been a wonderful experience for us. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be working outside my home again.

Baby Wisp Shop

Baby Wisp Boutique: 3345 Lake Shore Blvd West

The best part about the shop is now I get to talk to customers face to face again to get their requests and see the outfits that need accessorizing.  Last few requests have been for NEON ribbons – what do you think of that???   If you’re in the neighbourhood, please come visit and tell us what you want!

Good luck with the shopping and the preparations for Fall.


Bold Colors – 2013 Spring Collection Fashion Trends –


With spring just around the corner, many fashionable moms have been busy shopping for the perfect Easter Dress.  The difficulty you will find is that many traditional pink accessories you’ve come to know and love don’t seem to fit with the bold new colour palettes called to action for Spring.

According to Pantone (a worldwide authority on fashion colour).  The key for this upcoming Spring season will be to keep a balance between light & bright.

Pantone Spring 2013 colours

This calls for bold colours and floral prints alongside neutral colours and pastels.  It is exactly what you’ll see from big name fashion designers in in their shows, on the runways, and of course you’ll find some of the same colours in clothes at the malls.

Baby Wisp Baby Hair Accessories

As a mom who loves to outfit her little girl in fashionable clothes and accessories, you’ve probably guessed that at Baby Wisp TM, we’re creating new accessories you’ve never seen before that actually stay in baby fine hair.   We stand by our committment to keep out toxic metals, glues, gems and chemicals from our products through regular testing and using crafting techniques that take longer to make but keep your lil one safe.  

We’ll keep your little one looking posh and unique  in modern shades and exclusive accessories that you won’t find anywhere else!  Our small snap fancy bows are available in over 20 colours so look here first when you’re trying to find a match for hard to match outfits.

 The following dresses are just a small sample of what you can expect from major retailers this spring.  We picked a more affordable price point to begin with.smiley

    Spring Dresses at OLD NAVY    

~ Spring Dresses from Old Navy

So for this easter season we’ve decided to offer our most popular bow in even more non-traditional modern trend-setting colours!

Cobalt Blue

Bold Cobalt blue mixed with the light floral patterns make this a bold yet distinct girly look.  She won’t even miss the pink and at the same time she will be making an impressionable fashion statement this Easter.  You could even use the grey shown below with this dress and still look well coordinated.

Satin Grey

Grey Floral Spring Dress

Satin Grey has become a neutral basic like black or brown of yesteryear and as you probably already know, having a grey hair accessory opens doors for using it across seasons and multiple outfits.

Emerald Green

Check out this emerald green look. Emerald Green Floral Spring DressDo you have a matching outfit or accessory that you can wear this spring that has these colours in it? Of course you do! You already know how hot this colour is for Spring 2013!  

Note the cobalt blue has peeked its way in to this pattern as well but we still want you to check out our new Emerald Small Snap Fancy Bow.

Not only are these colours popping up in dresses for the season but even coloured jeans as well.  Baby girl might even have a hard time going back to regular old pink!


We’ll bring you more spring colour tips in the coming weeks so stay tuned on facebook and sign up for our newsletter to keep in the know and be notified of the upcoming spring deals.  Our Clearout of discontinued items has begun here.  

Yes, I recently finished reading the book, “50 Shades of Grey” and um, well I only read it because it was on our book club list and I want those hours of my life back.  ;)…but my  blog post has nothing to do with the book, it has to do with business reasons to limit your colour offerings of products.  

50 Shades of Pink

In the case of Baby Wisp, we are able to offer a large variety of shades of Pink, but not very many of blue or special colours like this season’s hot tangerine trend.  Why?

This post is inspired by the 5 or so emails I received in June for special request colours to be offered in our products.   I thought it might be a good opportunity to share a business lesson I learned the hard way.  This, of course, is in my humble opinion only based only on my personal business experience so take it or leave it (for those who are interested in this blog for the business advice I share).

Running a girl’s accessory company, I can tell you that Baby Wisp sells more pink than all other colours combined.  How is this possible?  First, consider that we offer at least 3 different pinks in each collection. We have close to 30 collections which means we stock more pink than any other colour.

Pink Polka Dot Bows

Take, for example, our polka dot mini latch clip 5 pack.  3 pink variations of polka dot ribbon at the top while our other polka dot pack is more mixed with only 2 pinks.  We sell more of the pink packs 3:1.  I could illustrate this across many of our offerings.

From a customer perspective, you can easily see the logic for the purchasing of pink over other colours.  The majority of a girl’s wardrobe in Canadian  society is pink (yes, gross generalization and no stats backing that claim up- opinion piece here people!) so it would make sense that when accessorizing, you would purchase accessories that would get the most use possible out of them.  Especially, for high end, high quality boutique accessories, it just makes sense to optimize your investment.  For gifting purchases, you are pretty much guaranteed that buying her a pink hair bow is going to match something in her wardrobe.

Orange Mini Latch Clip Baby BowFrom a Business perspective, consider the cost of stocking say…ORANGE.  We sold approximately 10 last year online.  Selling ten bows in a year could not sustain our business.

It’s the only orange product we carry so it’s not that it’s in competition with other styles.  It’s the colour itself that is limiting it’s sales.  We did sell ten though, so there are customers who want it…but to take up expensive inventory space and divert cash away from investing in other stronger selling products that move at 100 or 500X faster rate; it does not make much sense.

Being a specialty boutique does mean we offer unique products, styles, and colours so we do try and offer grey, yellow, navy, orange and green but the balance we strike is that those colours are very, very restricted and cannot be offered across all collections due to warehouse space and cash reasons.

We take very seriously the feedback of our customers in our growth strategy so with enough emails, phonecalls, tweets and facebook messages from our retail and wholesale customers we continue to expand to new styles and colours each season.  Trend-setting based on customer driven styles.  Speaking of, what type of new products or styles would you like to see Baby Wisp carry?  Join the facebook conversation or comment here.

Often I will ask our facebook fans for help designing products or to test out products but sometimes they ask us for stuff too…like a SALE!  So when we asked what’s your favourite baby wisp products – we were ‘told’! 🙂 

See below for the items that are 25% off with coupon code Favourite25.  Yes, that’s how Canadians spell ‘favourite’.



This should be just in time for Easter to get what you need for her easter dress and also, a few orders of the


These went out yesterday as people are rushing to get their beautiful little green crocheted flower accessory in time for March 17 – St.Patty’s day!!  Hurry, there’s a few left and you might just get it in time to wear next Saturday (no promises though unless you upgrade your shipping to tracked, insured.)


Wow! It’s been 3 years.  What started as an enjoyable hobby has actually turned into a profitable and growing business and I am so thankful to all the wonderful support from customers, friends and family.   Baby Wisp hit a few milestones last week to note;

1) Turned  3;

2) Hit 2000 fans on Facebook; and

3) is now carried nationwide (Canada) in over 150 retail locations.

Still have lots of work to do and lots of stores left to get into….not to mention making our way across borders.  We want to be a brand associated with your baby or toddler’s first modern accessory.   Our first few years were teetering on the edge of opening a general baby goods store because my second child was a boy.  I couldn’t leave him out of the fun! Unique boy items are hard to come by so when we started expanding to baby booties (blue, green, red for boys), I started leaning towards more and more unisex items so boy mamas could also have as much fun.  BUT it didn’t work out!  Demand was low and other products I tested were not selling well so I’ve come to realize that either I don’t have the same eye/ passion for other product lines or customers are just really enthralled with our specialty.  Whatever the case, Baby Wisp has a complete and utter focus now on accessories for baby and toddler girls and that gives us an advantage because it’s all we do, we are pretty darn good at it!  It’s like Malcolm Gladwell (in his book Outliers) talked about the 10 000 hours factor – YES I’ve been at this over 10 000 hours so of course I’m an expert at hair accessory design though please please, I’m only human I do make some mistakes. 😉

Word is getting out about our exclusive latch clips as this innovation is certainly something to brag about.  This magical baby hair clip doesn’t need any no slip tricks because it’s engineered differently.  Mamas agree.  Over 75% of our daily web orders now contain a latch clip or two in it and from new and repeat customers.  This is significant bc it tells me that people are coming to our website looking for this specialty item and are happy with past purchases.

Gift for New Baby

Essentials Gift Packs - the perfect baby shower gift.

Special instructions in the order are mentioning that they are baby shower gifts which also tells me that we are a premier brand that people are gifting with pride.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  There wasn’t a brand out there that was sized perfectly for new babies and had great design and packaging for gifting when I had my daughter -not anymore!

There are just so many reasons to celebrate 3 years in a growing business and to thank the first 50 fans, the coupon code: 3years  can be used on to get any 1 item (sale or regular price) at 50% off.

Thank you for the three years of growth and cheers to more years to come.

It seems only fitting to talk a little about Steve Jobs today as he just passed away yesterday.  There’s been a flurry of link sharing, odes, quotes, biographical content and inspiration flying about on twitter, facebook, and generally,all around us.  Celebrating the impact of one man on our generation…globally.

I just saw this video of his stanford address again.  I vaguely remember watching it a few years ago but it didn’t resonate as much as it does today.  Partly, because of his death and partly because I am probably older and understand a few of his points a bit more.

You can watch the video here:

Inspired by Steve Jobs

Baby Wisp does not own this image

These are the quotes that I can relate with:  “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do,” ….

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”

I like what he’s saying both from a career and relationship standpoint because I feel that I have found both.   I recently celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary and Baby Wisp is 3 years old tomorrow!  With 100% sincerity I can tell you that that as the years roll on, all the learning and growth is getting better and better.  You can hear my passion for BabyWisp when talking to me.  I bounce up in the morning to go to work and at night, it’s the last thing I check on (after my kids hehe).  I am the main part of my children’s lives in their formative years.  This flexibility with my family life would not have been possible if I had returned to a corporate position after giving birth to my son.  The success with the brand’s growth is really a great reward but like Jobs asserts, it’s really not the core of what drives me every day.

I was on the phone yesterday with a computer programmer I met while I was an I.T. consultant at a large consulting firm (few years back now)  and we were catching up as it had been some years since we last spoke.  I told him what I was up to with the “hair clip business” and I expected him to laugh/ scoff.  But he didn’t.  He said, “Good for you!  You were looking for something more and now you’ve found it.  ”  It was really sweet to hear this.  I didn’t have to explain anything to him.  It’s like the years didn’t matter, all that happened in between didn’t matter, he knew me and he knew what would drive me to throw everything into Baby Wisp.