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It’s all about Florals and Stripes for infant fashion for Spring 2018!

Easter Dresses for Baby Girls Show Off Spring Style.

Whether you are a pastel color lover or floral fashionista, 2018 has a wide variety of colors and patterns to make you jump for even more joy if you’re a mom of a baby girl.

We’ve picked out a few outfits and dresses that make us happy and paired them with Baby Wisp® bows you will love.


First up, how is this from @peekkids?


The pinstripes are bang on what’s happening in the women’s fashion world so why not for baby girl, toddler girl or even school girl.  The size range available on this dress is perfect for sisterly coordinating!  I love that the florals are vibrant and the Chantilly Chelsea Bow set gives you options to switch up the look every time baby girl wears this dress!


Old Navy Dress pairs Great with the new LITTLE MISS chelsea boutique bow set. This colonial rose color is a must-have.





The dress from Old Navy above can be worn with so many colors as the colonial rose color is like a cinammon spice that’s been on trend for clothes since the fall.


This yellow and grey combo from H&M kids is a basic that isn’t too statement and can be a mini-me type outfit so mommy can coordinate with an outfit.  It could be grown up but top it with our cute pastel tuxedo grosgrain five pack and it’s accessorized right.  Do you have some shoe suggestions?










Or you can just opt for a cutesy and comfy sleeper like Ellis here who is ready for Easter Egg hunting and her big meet and greet with the Bunny!

Easter Weekend is here and so is our Easter Weekend Sale which ends April 15, 2018.  You can get 20% off all the sets I mentioned with a coupon.  See for details and shop our SPRING COLLECTION 2018 NOW!  


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Sage Green Hair Bows Compliment a Trendy Girl’s Wardrobe

New sage green hairbows are available in three different style grosgrain ribbon hairbows on clips for fine baby hair.  Snap clips (cadeau and the tuxedo) work on fine baby and toddler hair and we also have this colour available in the very large Mariah Bow for older girls with more hair. The Mariah Big boutique bow is attached to a ribbon lined gator clip.

Help us name more new colours in the coming weeks as we continue to bring you our new spring collection colors for 2018!  This one was named by our very own people on instagram and facebook.  Thank you for taking the time!





Sage Plant Leaves Next To new SAGE GREEN Bows

Look at this picture of the green grosgrain ribbon bows next to clippings from my Sage Plant.  It really was the only logical choice in the colour naming.

What I love most about this green is that it can be worn with so many colours like in the photo below, this two year old wore it with a navy blue sweater.





Mother’s Day Reflections

Many of us know mother’s day is coming up and we start thinking about our moms and what are we going to get them that really says ” I Love You”, “You’re the best!” and all the many showers of glory and praise for our moms (well deserved of course!).  This year, I feel a bit different.   I am grateful for my mom and my mother in law and they are getting showered with LOVE for sure… but I am also SO SO SO grateful that I have been given the chance in life to BE A MOM.

What’s with the deep thoughts – you ask? Well, my heart goes out to a dear friend who has just been given the devastating news that she cannot bear children after a long struggle trying… and for those of you with babies or without, just think about that for a second.  Becoming a mother is often something you take for granted just because of where you are in life (for example, not ready for kids yet or just being overwhelmed with how much stuff you have to do in a day for the kid(s) ), I just suddenly feel that I’m so lucky that I get to do this.

So that’s where I am today as I write this and I’m sticking stamps on cards to my 2 moms.


So go ahead and shower your moms with gifts of love and her favourite things but also shower your babies with gifts of your love and appreciation. They have already given you a great gift and not everyone can get this gift.   Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Here’s a picture of my mom, me, and the kids having fun last month at easter.

mother's day fun pic baby wisp


P.s.  We have a giveaway on right now that closes on May 14, please enter it and you’re set up for the summer with free stuff so you have more money to spend on you LOL! 🙂 See the pic below, it is a nice mix of clips and a floral top knot cotton headband you can tie yourself so will fit anyone 0-18 months.

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Mother’s Day Giveaway at Baby Wisp

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It seems only fitting to talk a little about Steve Jobs today as he just passed away yesterday.  There’s been a flurry of link sharing, odes, quotes, biographical content and inspiration flying about on twitter, facebook, and generally,all around us.  Celebrating the impact of one man on our generation…globally.

I just saw this video of his stanford address again.  I vaguely remember watching it a few years ago but it didn’t resonate as much as it does today.  Partly, because of his death and partly because I am probably older and understand a few of his points a bit more.

You can watch the video here:

Inspired by Steve Jobs

Baby Wisp does not own this image

These are the quotes that I can relate with:  “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do,” ….

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”

I like what he’s saying both from a career and relationship standpoint because I feel that I have found both.   I recently celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary and Baby Wisp is 3 years old tomorrow!  With 100% sincerity I can tell you that that as the years roll on, all the learning and growth is getting better and better.  You can hear my passion for BabyWisp when talking to me.  I bounce up in the morning to go to work and at night, it’s the last thing I check on (after my kids hehe).  I am the main part of my children’s lives in their formative years.  This flexibility with my family life would not have been possible if I had returned to a corporate position after giving birth to my son.  The success with the brand’s growth is really a great reward but like Jobs asserts, it’s really not the core of what drives me every day.

I was on the phone yesterday with a computer programmer I met while I was an I.T. consultant at a large consulting firm (few years back now)  and we were catching up as it had been some years since we last spoke.  I told him what I was up to with the “hair clip business” and I expected him to laugh/ scoff.  But he didn’t.  He said, “Good for you!  You were looking for something more and now you’ve found it.  ”  It was really sweet to hear this.  I didn’t have to explain anything to him.  It’s like the years didn’t matter, all that happened in between didn’t matter, he knew me and he knew what would drive me to throw everything into Baby Wisp.