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Mother’s Day Reflections

Many of us know mother’s day is coming up and we start thinking about our moms and what are we going to get them that really says ” I Love You”, “You’re the best!” and all the many showers of glory and praise for our moms (well deserved of course!).  This year, I feel a bit different.   I am grateful for my mom and my mother in law and they are getting showered with LOVE for sure… but I am also SO SO SO grateful that I have been given the chance in life to BE A MOM.

What’s with the deep thoughts – you ask? Well, my heart goes out to a dear friend who has just been given the devastating news that she cannot bear children after a long struggle trying… and for those of you with babies or without, just think about that for a second.  Becoming a mother is often something you take for granted just because of where you are in life (for example, not ready for kids yet or just being overwhelmed with how much stuff you have to do in a day for the kid(s) ), I just suddenly feel that I’m so lucky that I get to do this.

So that’s where I am today as I write this and I’m sticking stamps on cards to my 2 moms.


So go ahead and shower your moms with gifts of love and her favourite things but also shower your babies with gifts of your love and appreciation. They have already given you a great gift and not everyone can get this gift.   Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Here’s a picture of my mom, me, and the kids having fun last month at easter.

mother's day fun pic baby wisp


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Mother’s Day is This Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day

Whether it’s your first mother’s day or your nth, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the day set aside to appreciate all that moms do.




One of the special things to do is take some photos of your little mini me and you!  Lots of moms find matching outfits to wear and get a cutesy shot in or two to embarrass them later in life while other moms may want a more subtle memory. How about coordinating your accessories?  Baby Wisp has just added a new section to our website here that has “Mommy N’ Me” sets you can purchase to coordinate accessories.

What are “Mommy n Me” Accessories?

What does that even mean?  Well, babies have softer, smaller heads and finer hair than most grown ups so they cannot wear the same accessories as older kids and adults.  WE obviously recognize this (LOL!!!!) but maybe you’re a mom who likes to wear flowers in your hair, what can you wear to coordinate or match with your daughter’s accessories?  Enter “mommy and me accessories”.  Each set is designed to have one “baby” size whether it be baby hair clip or baby headband and the second is a larger clip or flower crown designed for mamma’s head like this set we made in our Toronto shop.

Baby Flower Crown AND Larger Flower Crown for Adult

Baby Flower Crown AND Larger Flower Crown for Adult

The other reason we put this section together is for the Sisters who want to wear matching accessories.  Our shop has a variety of bows and headbands that fit many different size heads and hair types.

Cute Big Sister Little Sister Matching Accessories

For a Limited time (ends May 9, 2016), this section is being offered at 20% off AND we’re offering you TWO free accessories with your purchase of $39 or more at our shop.  Find out more here.

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